The Vines

The Sixteen 600 Estate Vineyard

Phil Coturri's estate vineyard is nestled on the southern slope of the Moon Mountain District with sweeping views of Sonoma Valley below and the San Francisco Bay and City Skyline in the distance. Phil carved this vineyard out off a steep rocky hillside in 1989 and has never used chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides in the vineyard, or anywhere else on the property. Phil head prunes his 2.5-acre Zinfandel vineyard in the traditional style, discouraging unnecessary growth, allowing the vines to focus energy and resources on the fruit. The vineyard is also practically dry-farmed, forcing the vines to dig deep to find water and bring the rich, minerality of the rocky soil to the grapes.

The hillside vineyard has southwestern exposures, allowing the vines to soak up warm afternoon sun, especially during northern California's Indian Summer; the vineyard is also above the summer fog. All this sunshine allows the grapes to achieve ripeness and complex flavors despite the cool winds that blow off the bay and the vineyard's 1000' of elevation.

Dos Limones Vineyard

Thirty-five years ago, Myron Freiberg challenged Phil Coturri to take the organic farming practices he used in the garden and in small vineyards, and apply them to his 10 acres of pinot noir, launching a career pioneering organic viticulture. A lot has changed at the Freiberg estate in the past three decades but the commitment to organic viticulture has never wavered. Phil Coturri still farms the vineyard which has been replanted; the vineyard is now mostly Zinfandel. However, there is a one acre plot of Syrah Clone 174. The small corner of the vineyard is perfect for Syrah.

The vineyard is located about halfway up the eastern slope of the Sonoma Mountain Appelation allowing it to bask in the morning sun while the summer fog gently laps at the edges of the ranch.

Here's why we call it "Dos Limones"


Severson Vineyard

It is a postage stamp sized vineyard in the southwest corner of Sonoma Valley on Grove Street. The one-acre vineyard is one of the few that Phil Coturri farms on the valley floor. Unlike much of Sonoma Valley with deep loamy clay soils, this part of the valley is an alluvial plain with soil made up of sand, gravel and large river rock, almost like Sonoma's answer to the left bank. The vineyard is also close to the Petaluma Gap, so while it may be heavily influenced by bay fog it is almost always windy in this corner of the valley. In short, it's a great place to grow valley Cab.

The vineyard was planted in 2002 and is about 75% clone 337 and 25% clone 15. The vineyard is certified organic by CCOF, and no chemical fertilizers or pesticideds have been applied in the 12 years we have farmed the property. Our main fertilization and pest management growing intensive cover crops to attract beneficial insects, increase biodiversity and add organic matter to the sandy soil.

L'Hommage a Galet.

A field blend of Grenache Syrah and Mourvedre grown in a rocky arid hillside vineyard just below the Moon Mountain District boundary on Sonoma Valley's east slope. this rocky vineyard is reminiscent of some of Phil's favorite vineyards in the Rhone Valley, hence L'Hommage a' Galet, the homage to rocks. The rocky volcanic soil is similar to that of a higher elevation vineyard but being just of the valley floor the property enjoys cooler mornings and warmer nights than its upland neighbors.The vineyard was planted in the late 1990's with a California heritage clone of grenache  from Old Hill Ranch, one of Sonoma Valley's oldest vineyards.