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Welcome to Winery Sixteen 600! Sonoma, California

In wine lies opportunity to express a sense of place, convey a moment in time across generations, to tell our family story, remember our origins, and realize our potential.

At Winery Sixteen 600 we embrace these opportunities—to tell the story of a family, the vineyards we farm, the men and women who farm them, and the groundbreaking farmer who advanced an entire industry by reconnecting it to its soil.

Over forty years ago, Phil Coturri merged the ethos of his “back-to-the-land” hippie community with his life in wine growing, when he converted Dos Limones Vineyard to organic viticulture. He quickly discovered that, beyond the health and environmental benefits, organic farming and enlivened soils allowed a true sense of place to emerge in the wines. Winery Sixteen 600 is inspired by the opportunity to connect Phil Coturri’s legacy in this industry with his vision of wine from the vineyard to the wineglass.

Above all, Sixteen 600 embraces the essential opportunity wine provides: the opportunity to have fun, make friends, build community, and celebrate the moment.

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Illustration of Phil Coturri on a tractor in his Grateful Dead t-shirt.