Phil Coturri
From a family wine tradition that spans generations
Find singular vineyard sites
Express a sense of place without getting in the way
grassy trail
Join us on this exploration of place
Winery hillside
Sun and rock combine to create fruit and vine.
red-winged blackbird
vineyard hillside
Sixteen 600 wines start with a simple philosophy...
hawk soaring
Create harmony within the ecosystem
drive through vineyards
vines and wild flowers
Let the soil sing through the vines

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Phil CoturriPhil_tasting_grapes_1.jpg

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Forty years ago, Phil Coturri set out to prove that organic grapes simply make better wines. Beyond the health and environmental benefits, organic farming allows the terroir of the vineyard to shine.

Winery Sixteen 600 is Phil Coturri’s vision of wine from the vineyard to the wineglass.